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Did you know?

Montréal is an island covering an area of 499 km2 and is home to more than 3 million inhabitants.

Downtown Montréal is the most important commercial centre in Canada with over 3,000 businesses.

The American magazine Bicycling named Montréal “best cycling city in North America.

Saint-Laurent Boulevard, or “The Main,” geographically divides the island of Montréal east-west.

Each métro station was designed by a different architect. Take time to admire the original artwork specifically commissioned for the individual stations before you board.

Both Mount Royal Park and New York’s Central Park were designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903).

Montréal’s Coat of Arms represents the city’s four founding peoples: the English rose, the Irish clover, the French-Canadian beaver and the Scottish thistle.

On June 24, 1845, Parliament was officially established in Montréal, making it the capital of Canada until 1849.

McGill University owns one of the first collections dedicated to American president Abraham Lincoln.

Montréal is a veritable hub of the life science’s industry (pharmaceutics, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology).

It was none other than Mark Twain who dubbed Montréal the “city of a hundred bells”.

Montréal is fertile ground for all kinds of creative spirits: designers of clothes, furniture and objects turn heads with their flair and innovation.

Although the Metric system has long been in official use in Québec, you’ll quickly find that the Imperial system is nonetheless an integral part of the local daily scene.

According to die-hard foodies, nothing beats a Montréal bagel. The secret to its baked perfection? Wood stove, eggs in the dough and a steady hand in the kitchen.

Bar or microbrewery? In Montréal, you can do both! Just sidle up to the counter of the city’s spaces and sip in-house brewskies you won’t find anywhere else.

Montréal’s “Undergound City” is 33 km (20.5 miles) long. Wide, brightly-lit passageways connect to 10 métro (subway).

China’s largest garden is located in… Montréal! Designed by Le Weizhong, celebrated architect and director of Shanghai’s Institute of Design and Architecture.

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