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Mouth-watering Montréal

On the run, simple and informal, or five-diamond ranked, food is undeniably one of Montréal’s most celebrated attributes. Whatever the season, the city boasts a vast array of dining possibilities for all tastes and budgets. The variety of fare on offer embraces the culinary traditions of some eighty or so cultural communities, includes a wealth of local produce and is enhanced by the boundless creativity of local chefs. This flavourful mosaic has, not surprisingly, spawned an internationally acclaimed rendezvous known as the MONTRÉAL HIGH LIGHTS FESTIVAL, veritable ode to the city’s passion for gastronomy.

Visit the Tourisme Montréal Web site for restaurant finds.


Did you know?

A profusion of BYOW (bring your own wine) restaurants dot the city.

Typical Montréal fare includes oven-baked bagels, smoked meat and poutine (fries with cheese curds, smothered in gravy).

Montréal ranks number one in North America for the number of restaurants per inhabitant. In the city’s major tourism sectors, there are approximately 64.9 restaurants per km2.

Montréal has more than 6, 000 restaurants establishments, including 80 different types of regional and international cuisines.

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